Scammers never rest. These criminals often call customers, trying to intimidate them into paying bills they don’t owe. They often threaten immediate disconnection of power. More rarely, a scammer could show up to your home or business trying to impersonate a utility employees. Trust your instincts and call SUB 24/7 at 541-746-8451 if you feel intimidated, threatened or if you feel something is suspicious. You can also report the scam to the Attorney General’s office @ 1-877-877-9392 or online @:

The details of these fraudulent schemes change frequently, and anyone can be a victim. Here’s what customers need to know to protect themselves:

  • A SUB employee will NEVER ask customers to purchase pre-paid cards in order to pay their utility bill. If someone calls and asks a customer to do this, the caller is not from SUB.
  • A SUB employee will NEVER ask a customer to provide credit card information directly to them. Anyone wishing to pay over the phone will be directed to call SUB’s secure, automated line at 1-844-298-5380.
  • If someone calls on the weekend, or after 5 p.m. on a weekday to say a customer’s service will be disconnected unless a payment is made, that caller is not from SUB. SUB will NEVER disconnect a customer’s service because of non-payment on a weekend or after hours.
  • If someone calls and asks for a customer’s account information, that person is NOT from SUB. Remember, SUB has that information in our system. However, if a customer calls SUB, a customer service representative will ask for this information to verify that the caller is the account holder.
  • SUB advises that if a customer is ever unsure whether the person calling is from SUB, hang up and call us directly at 541-746-8451. If our office is closed at the time, customers can be sure that their service will stay on (unless we are conducting a repair – something that will not require any kind of payment on a customer’s part).
  • If someone is unexpectedly at your home or business and says they are a SUB employee, call SUB to verify. We want you to be safe!  Be alert for things that don’t seem right — for example, clothing with SUB logos that look unprofessional or tattered, no SUB vehicle within sight, an unprofessional manner, etc.