Springfield Utility Board

Net Metering

This service is available to customers who are interested in generating their own electricity and want to be connected to Springfield Utility Board’s electrical system.  For questions regarding interconnection and installation please work with SUB’s Substation Metering Engineer, Nick Amann at 541-744-3711. For questions regarding the contract or SUB’s net metering policy, please contact SUB’s Utility Analyst, Marc lePine at 541-744-3772. You may also view and download the appropriate forms:

Did You Know?

  • Public Power Customers Pay Less!
    Public Power Customers Pay Less!
    On average, public power customer in Oregon pay about 21% less for electricity that Oregonians who are connected to private, investor-owned utilities.   …
  • Sewer and storm water charges
    Sewer and storm water charges
    Although sewer charges appear on your SUB bill, sewer and storm water are not SUB services but City of Springfield services.           …