Springfield Utility Board

Energy Conservation Links

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Use this resource to find a variety of on-line energy conservation information for homes and businesses.


Get tax credits for qualifying appliances through Oregon Department of Energy.

Lists energy efficient appliances and products.

Appliance Energy Cost Estimator
Estimate your energy cost using this estimator schedule.

Home & business energy use

A do-it-yourself home energy audit. Calculates energy use based on individual input that customizes the home and energy use habits. Compares the energy cost between the customized home and an energy efficient home. SUB customers should input an energy cost of $0.0500/kWh in the Electricity section under “Energy Prices”.

Educational fun & games

Attention kids and fun-loving adults! Includes fun interactive games that teach how to get rid of energy hogs. Become an official Energy Hog Buster and print out your personalized certificate.

Links to energy education resources for elementary and secondary students as well as teachers.



Did You Know?

  • Public Power Customers Pay Less!
    Public Power Customers Pay Less!
    On average, public power customer in Oregon pay about 21% less for electricity that Oregonians who are connected to private, investor-owned utilities.   …
  • SUB and the City
    SUB and the City
    SUB is not a city department, but a separate entity overseen by a Board of Directors elected by Springfield citizens.       …