SUB works with a variety of vendors to assist with construction, installation and other projects, and to purchase necessary equipment and materials. To keep rates low and affordable, competitive bids are sought for materials and services. Please be sure to review the following important documents before bidding:

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Electric Service Division
Bid Number Description Status
14.17 14.17 - Enclosed Utility Service Body Open
OF17.06 ESC Truck Barn and Meter Shop Exterior Paint and Painting Open
11.17 11.17 - March Stock Closed
12.17 12.17 - Switch, Polemount w/Interrupter 27kV Closed
13.17 13.17 - Overhead Conductor Closed
03.17 03.17 - 3-4 Yd Dump Bed Body Open
02.17 02.17 - Forestry Body for Ford F550 Open
08.17 08.17 - Conduit Install Directional Boring S. 67th St Closed
10.17 10.17 - 115kV V-Switch Closed
09.17 09.17 - Substation Structural Steel Closed
07.17 07.17 - Conduit Install Directional Boring Smith Loop Closed
OF17.07 Truck Barn Roof Gutters and Downspouts Replacement Closed
06.17 06.17 - 115kV Circuit Breaker Closed
05.17 05.17 - Conduit Install Directional Boring Closed
04.17 04.17 - Vaults and Lids Closed
01.17 01.17 - Distribution Transformers Closed
OF17.03 Conductor Spool Cradle Closed
OF17.01 Conductor Spool Racking System Site Work Closed
OF17.02 Conductor Spool Racking System Storage Closed
Water Service Division
Bid Number Description Status
OF17.05 Water Service Center Reception Area Remodel Open
OF17.04 WSC Reception Area Remodel FLOORING Closed
General Management

Sorry there are no General Management Bids or Proposals.